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HIPAA Compliance

Protecting Your Privacy

Health information about you and your services is personal. We are committed to protecting your privacy and sharing information only with those who need to know and are allowed to see information to assure quality services for you. This notice describes how Mercy Home uses and disclosed protected information  (PHI) about your treatment, payment and health care. It describes your rights to access and control your protected health information and Mercy Home's responsibilities concerning your information.


  • All employees and volunteers of Mercy Home including residential and non-residential programs, day habilitation, family support and Service Coordination, Administrative office employees will follow this notice.

  • In addition, contractors, agencies, business associates and other organizations that provide services on behalf of Mercy Home, which are authorized to access our records and have agreed to protect your information will follow this notice


All information that Mercy Home creates, or keeps, that relates to your health or care and treatment, including name, address, birth date, social security number, medical information, individualized service, or comprehensive functional assessment, and other information including photos and images about your care in our programs.

Protected Health Information

The rights listed below pertain to you or your personal representative. Depending on your circumstances and in accordance with state law, a personal representative may be your guardian, your health care proxy, your involved parent, spouse, sibling or adult child, or a person duly authorized to be your personal representative.


You and or your personal representative have a right to:

  • See or inspect your health record and obtain a copy. Some exceptions apply, such as records regarding incident reports and investigations, and information compiled for use in court or administrative proceedings.  If we deny your request to see your health information, you have a right to request a review of that denial. A Health Records Review Committee will review the record and decide if you may have access to the record.

  • Have a right to ask Mercy Home to amend health information you feel is incorrect or incomplete. We may deny your request in some cases, for example if the record was not created by Mercy Home, or if after reviewing your request, we believe the record is accurate and complete.

  • Have a right to request a list of disclosures Mercy Home has made of your health information. The list, however, does not include certain disclosures, such as those made for treatment, payment, and health care operations, or disclosures made to you or made to others with your permission.

  • Have a right to request that Mercy Home communicates with you in a way that will help keep your information confidential.

  • Have a right to request a restriction on uses or disclosures of  your health information related to treatment, payment, health care operations and disclosures to involved family. Mercy Home, however, is not required to agree to your request, unless you have paid for your services in full with your own money and are requesting restrictions on information pertaining to those services for payment or healthcare operations and the disclosure is not required by law.

  • Have a right to receive a paper copy of this notice. You may ask program management to give you a copy by contacting the Privacy Officer.

  • You have a right to be notified following an unsecured breach of PHI. In the rare event that your health information is disclosed to unauthorized persons and can be read by them, we must notify you that this has happened.

Requesting Access

To request access to your health information, or to request information on any of the rights listed herein, you may contact Doreth Edwards, Chief Compliance Officer at 718-832-1075 x 129.

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