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Mercy Home, through generous support from donors and other partners, operates a range of programs, tied together by a single goal: to empower children, women and men with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through these programs, we help individuals unlock their potential while advancing our vision of a more equal, inclusive world where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live more fully integrated within the community.

We do not approach our work as having a “finish line” – our commitment to our Mercy Home family is lifelong. Residents will always have a home with us, and other program participants and families will always know that they can find the support they need at Mercy Home. That’s because personal growth and the pursuit of a joyful, fulfilling life for all people never ends.


Mercy Home programs are essential because people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are too often forgotten in our communities. Together with the donors and partners who make up our Mercy Home family, we step in and step up to celebrate the potential and dignity of our program participants. We invite you to learn more about our programs and to consider joining us as part of the Mercy Home family, tying your story to the incredible journeys and achievements of Mercy Home residents and program participants:

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