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Our Homes

At the center of Mercy Homes programs are our homes – standalone residences and apartments that are designed to give greater independence and autonomy to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We currently have 13 homes in Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau County, each with for 108 residents and a staff of professional nurses and therapists working across the homes.

Mercy Home residences are the clearest expression of the lifelong support given to individuals through our programs. Often times, the caregiver for a person with an intellectual or developmental disability is a parent – who, as time passes or due to the severity of a particular disability or disabilities, may no longer be capable of providing necessary support and care. That’s where the expertise of Mercy Home staff – underscored by compassion and respect – becomes indispensable.

It is critical to our team that the individuals in our homes know that they can rely on us for as long as they need. Also essential to our intent of helping individuals build a joyful, fulfilling life are additional social and community activities, like BBQs, Family Spirit Day, concerts, sporting events and more.

Through continued care, we create an atmosphere that encourages residents to use and develop new skills and talents. As best expressed by one of our residents, we strive to create a sense of community and connection between “individuals who are like a family”.

We would love to count you as part of our family, too! To support residents of our homes and other programs, please visit our donate page.

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