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Thank You, James

James Slattery, CPA, a dear friend to Mercy Home, has announced his retirement from the Board of Directors. A board member since 1989, James is widely recognized for his outstanding leadership on the Finance and Audit committees. With his support, Mercy Home was also able to expand and grow the Creative Arts Therapy program. Board President, Donna Whiteford, said that “Jim was always ready and willing to jump in and help the agency wherever it needed in terms of the finance management.”


Early on, James dedicated himself to the financial wellbeing of Mercy Home. Board Vice Chair, Jim Slattery Esq. said that “He came with a plethora of knowledge in the financial field.” Donna added that, “Jim’s concern was to make sure that the agency did what it needed to do so that it could be here for future generations.”


As one of the long term members, James garnered respect from everyone on the board. Board Vice Chair, Jim Slattery Esq., learned from his leadership. “He was inspiring in the way that he approached board membership. He was full on, and was always out for the best interest of Mercy Home.” Sister Margaret Dempsey, RSM, said that he will be missed. “He’s a quiet, gentle, but forceful leader. Whenever we had difficulties, he asked the penetrating questions.”


As a board member for almost 30 years, Mercy Home relied upon his judgement and expertise. He was president for more than six years and was instrumental in leading the search for a new executive director. Jim Slattery Esq. stated that his impact was substantive. “It really was comfort to me knowing he was there. I knew that as long as he was there, we were on solid ground.”


Janice Aris, Executive Director, believes that “Mercy Home is deeply indebted to James for his commitment and his impact, as well as for his very long tenure. He really pulled his weight.” James has a personal connection to Mercy Home and its vision. His aunt, Elizabeth Slattery, and his cousin, Betsy Slattery, are both Sisters of Mercy.


James was the President of JPS & Co. and a former Vice President/Controller for North American Reinsurance Corporation and Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation. He holds a degree from St. John’s University and is a licensed certified public accountant. Slattery is a member of the NYS Society of Certified Public Accounts and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


The bonds he created on the board endure even though he is retiring. Sister Margaret says that, “You know what you have in Jim. He’s a straight shooter.” Jim Slattery, Esq. said that, with Jim, “I always felt the cooler head prevailed. Just the greatest guy – and has a wonderful family”

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