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When Change Means Opportunity

Change can bring stress, but it can also bring with it opportunity. For Brian, 29, coming to Mercy Home for Respite Services was a big change. He had been at his previous program at the Brooklyn Services for Autistic Citizens for 20 years where he would have fun in arts and crafts, going to the gym, and watching movies.


For Brian, the toughest part in coming to Mercy Home was missing his teachers. But overall Brian says that the change has offered a fresh start and an opportunity to try new things. “It felt good to start here actually because once I started here, it felt like a new beginning.”


Mercy Home has offered Respite services for adults, youth, and children since 1994, but our program grew significantly last fall when expanded in size from 38 to 85 participants. One of the questions we had was would the program experience change for the people who come every week?


Mercy Home staff work closely with each person and to give them creative choices in activities and things to learn. Brian enjoys movies, snacks, and arts and crafts. Brian also enjoys music therapy with Brian Pantekoek. “I like when he plays the guitar and the way he sings.”


Respite Services provide a safe space for adults to explore educational and creative activities. The Creative Arts Therapy program gives participants an opportunity to find their voice through weekly art, drama, and music therapy sessions.

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