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Reuniting Ricky

Enrique, also known to staff, family, and friends as Ricky, has been a resident of Mercy Home since he was 7. While growing up, Ricky’s father and his sister, Arlet, were constantly there to offer love and support.

However, as his father grew older and was unable to travel and visit regularly, Arlet picked up the responsibility in caring for Ricky’s needs, including buying clothing and other resources to make sure he was comfortable. As the primary caretaker, she continued to look after Ricky, especially during the past 10 years as he experienced great discomfort due to significant medical issues, including severe pain in his stomach and throughout his body. He became sullen, moody and would sometimes seem upset. But, Ricky is nonverbal and wasn't able to tell anyone what was going on.


He needed constant care and support, so one of our Direct Care Professionals, started working with him one on one. Arlet started to increase her visits. She was his rock. Whenever she was around, Ricky was no longer moody. However, nearly three years ago, Arlet moved to Houston, Texas for job opportunities. Since then, she’s hasn’t been able to see her brother due to high travel and boarding costs in New York.

But due to his deteriorating health, Arlet knows that reuniting with Ricky will help improve his condition. “I know that my brother will greatly benefit from seeing a family member, and I feel that it is important for him to know that I am still a part of his life,” said Arlet. “The residence does a great job with communication over the phone, fax, mail, and even face time,” said Arlet, “but that could never replace the opportunity to be able to hug and see each other in person.”


Our clinical physiologist, Joe Gioia, knows the benefits of reuniting Ricky. "I've known Ricky for over 25 years and reuniting with Arlet will have significant positive psychological and health benefits for him," said Joe.  “In the past, Ricky's his mood would significantly improve during and after family visits. There's no doubt seeing his sister will can have a favorable effect on his overall health."


Unfortunately, Ricky is unable to travel and Arlet can't see him without the generosity of friends and supporters. Would you help us reunite them by donating your travel miles or hotel voucher?

Please join us in our efforts to bring them together by:

To Reunite Ricky and families with similar stories, please contact Slajanna Jean 

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