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“What does Mercy Home mean to you?”

​We recently asked our residents, “What does Mercy Home mean to you?”  Their answers not only inspired us, but became the spiritual and creative force behind Mercy Home’s new mural, Love in Action.

Our residents couldn’t wait to share their answers to this question through words and art. Here’s a few our favorites:

  • Frances likes to “go to bingo to win”.

  • Harry enjoys Family Spirit Day and band practice “a lot”.

  • Michael is fond of bowling and spending time with friends

  • John appreciates fire drills “because they make me feel safe”.


And Fred likes swimming and pizza parties (really, who doesn’t?).

It’s not just that activities like swimming, bowling, bingo, and band practice are fun.  It’s that Mercy Home’s programs and services give our residents the ability to live as fully and independently as possible.


In short, Mercy Home is a safe, loving world that transforms disability into ability; what we’ve come to call love in action.

“To me, love in action is the independence and growth that come from our programs and services, and the relationships that grow between our residents and staff,” says Executive Director Janice Aris.  “It’s love that endures through our acts of service to each other and to our community. Love in action is seen and heard in our music programs and community events.  And it is tangible in our successful Plant-Grow-Give urban garden that lets residents feel the spiritual reward of sharing with those in need.”

The candid written and artistic responses that residents gave to the question “What does Mercy Home mean to you?” inspired artists from TL/NY to paint the vibrant mural shown below. The design will be seen on Mercy Home’s annual holiday cards, and in our traditional end-of-year financial appeal to supporters.

Love in action is also demonstrated by the generous support of our trustees and friends,” said Ms. Aris.  “Without their loving action of financial gifts, we would not be able to provide the kinds of programs and services that allow our residents to live up to their God-given potential.”

          Perhaps the simplest (and most compelling) response to “What does Mercy Home mean to me?” comes from Felix, another of our residents.  He wrote, “Mercy makes me happy”.  For our staff and volunteers, the happiness, love, growth, and support that our residents enjoy is evidence of love in action.

See the Mercy Home video, Love in Action.

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