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Mercy Home Celebrates Earth Day!

The Earth – A gift from God, to be inhabited by man and creatures alike. The Earth – our home, the very essence of our beings that connect man to trees and trees to water. The Earth – a present from God, to be treated and protected as such. And for God’s granting of the Earth, we must celebrate it on such a wonderful day – Earth Day.

On days like this, we should rejoice in such a precious gift we have been given. Recent years, however, have challenged our ability to simply rejoice. The Earth has been damaged, diminished, and harmed. This is reason enough to, on Earth Day (and every day that you can), stop and feel the air feel your lungs, feel the sun kiss your face, feel the grass cushion your step, and feel the trees shelter you. Tap into what the Earth has given you. Our community members at Mercy Home tap into the Earth’s blessings quite often.

From planting and picking flowers to sifting through the soil to prepare to sew their seeds of the plants they care so deeply for, their ties to and appreciation for the Earth runs deeply. Maggie, our horticultural therapist at Mercy Home demonstrates sheer passion for the earth through assisting our individuals in gaining a deeper understanding of the earth and its inner workings. The earth is an important source of learning at Mercy Home, and this instills in our community the skills they need to experience the world in all possible ways: artistically, abstractly, logically, and passionately.

The Earth gives us the opportunity to stop and feel the leaves that hang off the branches of the trees we walk past, to pay respects to the dandelions that float in the wind, and even the water that trickle down from the sky. But, best of all, the Earth gives us the opportunity to be a part of a community that grounds us all – connects us all – as a group of beings. Our community members at Mercy Home fellowship in their communities as they watch birds fly and their plants grow from seeds into glorious blossoms. They are connected to the Earth, and the Earth connects them as one, providing endless lessons of beauty and nature; lessons that they can expound upon in their daily lives, to which they then teach us the importance of beauty and nature and thinking.

And for all the ways we can connect with each other and the world around us, we have the Earth to thank for that facilitation. Let us thank the Earth for all its provisions. Let us celebrate the Earth on this day, rejoicing in that is bestowed upon us to lead lives of love, learning, and fellowship. Happy Earth Day.

-Written by Jaylen Dicks

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