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#AbilityOverDisability Art Show 2023

The National Arts Club was a buzz of anticipation as we prepared for the annual #AbilityOverDisability Art Exhibit. This annual event holds symbolic importance to Mercy Home, as we celebrate National Developmental Disability Awareness Month by highlighting the beautiful artwork made in our Creative Arts Therapy (CAT) Program.

As the final pieces were being staged – after hours upon hours of creation, selection and curation – the event was coming together. The space filled with chatter as the team made final tweaks and changes; microphones were checked, media cues practiced. Suddenly, a familiar voice silenced the room with a simple “WOW!”

Creative Artist M* stood in the grand hall taking in the room, his blue eyes sparkling with excitement. He walked around the venue, stopping to look at all his friend's pieces until he finally came to his own work. He clasped his hands together with joy, gently bouncing on his heels. He reached out to touch the framed work, smile from ear to ear. “This is so wonderful; I am so excited!”

As the evening began and all the creative artists entered the room, their sense of pride, excitement, and confidence gave the room a sense of joy and purpose that only they could cultivate. It was truly a privilege to watch the CAT Artists show their work and connect with guests, supporters, friends and family. Some of the evening’s most memorable moments were CAT artist D* speaking on camera for the first time in the 7-year period she has participated in the program, gifted artist A* learning to write during his art therapy sessions (he now signs his own work), as well as the addition of artwork created by the joint efforts of Plant-Grow-Give and CAT, resulting in some gorgeous pieces made of natural materials.

If you joined us for #AOD this year, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making that evening possible for our artists. As M* said, “this is the best night of my life”- and that is because of your support and understanding of just how crucial CAT is for our community. If you did not join us this year, and would like to learn more about CAT, email for more information; we would love nothing more than to share with you all the transformative experiences that CAT provides.

Mercy Home would like to take this opportunity to thank our event sponsors: Flag Waterproofing and Restoration, RSM, NFP, Knights of Columbus, and our gracious hosts, Frank and Tessa Fellone.

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