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An Incredible Accomplishment for A*

In March, we celebrate Developmental Disability Acceptance Month (DDAM). In 1987, President Ronald Reagan recognized Developmental Disability Acceptance Month to "increase public awareness of the needs and potential of Americans who face developmental disabilities and provide the opportunities they need to live productive lives and achieve their full potential." During this month, we like to focus on discovering people's gifts and abilities as we work to create a world of fairness and equality. A world where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can live more fully integrated within the community.

We would like to highlight the incredible accomplishment of one of our residents. A. He is a prolific artist and has created complex, beautiful and fascinating pieces.

However, his greatest accomplishment recently is not art; it is working with his art therapist to accomplish his goal of writing his name.

“After A* made this piece a month ago, I asked if he wanted to sign his name. After seeing what he wrote and staff saying they had never seen him write; I noticed he had dyslexia but his penmanship was clear. I asked if he wanted to try to write his own title “two birds and owls” and his name for the Art Show.

He grabbed a pen and began to write. After an hour of practice he was able to write the words! In addition, he now signs his artwork with his initials!”

We are delighted that A* achieved such a meaningful and exciting accomplishment.

This milestone taking place during Developmental Disability Acceptance month makes it even more special.

by Cici, Art Therapist

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