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An Inside Look at Mercy Homes' Self-Help Program

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Times have been especially trying in the past few years, and more challenges have been introduced than anyone could ever have anticipated. Recognizing the need to pause and admire bright moments is more important than ever before. Here at Mercy Home, we have the privilege of getting to see the people we support grow, experience new joys, and shine. That honor is not something anyone takes for granted, it makes our jobs and our mission as an organization more important and joyful. We are pleased to share with you an inside look at the words and experience of one of our residents and how her life has been impacted and benefitted by our Self-Help Program. The name of the resident has been changed for privacy, but the thoughts and feelings have not been altered in any way.

“My name is Tara* and I go to self-help. I feel happy going to self-help. It makes me feel much better when I talk about what is going on at the program, at my residence and what I want to do in the future I am excited to see my friends have conversations with them and see how they are doing and talk about positive things help them when they are feeling sad or when they are having a bad day. I miss going to the main office to see my friends, I miss talking to my friends and communicating with them. I feel happy when I express my feelings instead of being mean to staff expressing my anger makes me feel so much better when I get everything off my shoulders and not keep it inside and not take it out on other people that is not nice to take your anger out on other people. Self Help helped me out a lot. It helped me with my emotions...”.

In Mercy Home’s Self-Help Support Group program participants discuss their feelings, participate in a specific topic of discussion, and then unwind before returning to their homes. Some topics they’ve discussed are self-help, self-care, effective listening and communicating, relationship management, privacy and safety, and meditation. They focus on the cognitive and emotional development of the residents so that each person feels empowered and confident in their ability to communicate, and they work together to ensure healthy and meaningful relationships.

Thank you to all our supporters. Without your partnership, we would not be able to provide these types of programs to the people in our care.

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