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In Loving Memory of Roslyn "Roz" Pearson from Ben, Residence Manager

We are deeply saddened to announce that our dear friend Roslyn "Roz" Pearson has passed away.

Roz retired from Mercy Home last December, but she was with Mercy Home for over 40 years. Before her retirement, she worked at our Josephs' residence through most of the pandemic. Her unique empathy and closeness with each person we supported helped them cope with what was a bewildering and frightening time. Her relentless positivity helped to inspire the rest of us to persevere through staff shortages and new restrictions. Roz was a mentor and a role model to not just the Direct Support Professionals but even to me during her time filling in at Josephs and really made a huge impact on the house during the pandemic.

I last spoke to Roz with *Henry just a couple weeks ago on his birthday. We were leaving the residence to go pick out a birthday cake and discussing our plans to go out to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants later that evening when Henry surprised me by saying "Last year's birthday was better." I was stunned as he complained bitterly last July about the pandemic restrictions on his birthday. When I asked him what he meant he said, "Last year was better because Roz was here." We immediately called her and made plans for her to visit soon, which unfortunately won't come to pass.

Roz has affected so many of us. Since we learned of her passing, former and current staff and I have been exchanging fond memories and a lot of tears. I know I speak for all of Mercy Home when I say "she'll be missed by all."

*Name has been changed for privacy

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1 Comment

Ruth Celeste Gibson-Washington
Ruth Celeste Gibson-Washington
Aug 06, 2021

I worked with Roslyn at MercyHome and another agency. She was so dedicated and loved all she did to enhance the lives of our individuals. This was / is such a shock, another good person gone tooooo soon. She will be greatly missed.

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