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Margaret, a warrior and leader - celebrating DSP Week

When New York shut down in March 2020, one Direct Support Professional (DSP) was a warrior during the height of the pandemic. She did all the supermarket shopping and ensured that residents could have their favorite food and snacks during a very tense time.

Margaret constantly inspires others to push forward. She's helpful, caring, resourceful, and happy despite what's going on in the world. Other DSPs appreciate the leadership role Margaret plays in the home. When everyone is struggling to remain positive, she is always smiling and has a joke for everyone. The individuals cannot wait for her tasty cooking and cheerful company whenever she works during the evening.

Whenever we need Margaret, she's there. She exemplifies our core values of care and compassion. At Mercy Home, we need a lot of PPE and other supplies; she tracks it all and instructs the Individuals on how to socially distance, wash their hands for 20-30 seconds, and works to make sure the residence is sanitized every two hours. Mrs. Lowe is dedicated to Covid-19 protocols to ensure everyone's safe.

She makes a huge difference and is key to helping us make it through the Covid-19 pandemic and keeping everyone healthy and happy.

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