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MBSR: A Reminder To Exercise the Mind

Updated: May 18, 2022

In the past few weeks, Mercy Home employees have had the opportunity to participate in Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction courses led by the kind and knowledgeable Lucia McBee, LCSW, MPH, CYI. Each week we are guided through a new practice, whether it be breath focused, mindful eating, a movement exercise, or a loving kindness practice; it has become the highlight of my week.

There is so much stress in our day-to-day lives and a great deal of pressure to accomplish so much; it often feels like there are simply not enough hours in the day. When we began these classes and were asked to practice on our own, I was concerned I did not have the time, nor the skills to accomplish mindfulness practice on my own. However; once I managed to truly understand that the exercises are called “practices” for a reason, I found it easier to do just that. Like any skill, it requires time and attention.

I have found the practices to act as a mental reset that allows me to better handle stress and conflict- and also help me stay present and experience moments fully and with more awareness; personally, this has allowed me to experience more joy. The class has inspired me to do some mental health housekeeping and seek out more yoga and breathing classes so that mindfulness can be a more central focus in my life.

Lucia often says that if we do not care for ourselves, we cannot care for others. The MBSR classes have really taught me self-care is beyond taking a jog in the morning and eating healthy foods. It’staking care of your mind because your peace is extremely important and can transform how you approach daily life. There are a lot of powerful forces that affect our lives that are beyond our control; but if we practice, we can be better prepared to handle them. So, practice peace and take a moment to read a short poem Lucia recently shared with everyone

Do not wait for perfection

to be the continuous way

in which you live

before you celebrate.

Whenever there is a crack

in the shell of illusion, give a party.

When you catch the sun

streaming through the clouds,

buy yourself a dozen roses.

Whenever you feel like

waltzing down the street,

let nothing stop you.


Mercy Home’s staff MBSR program was graciously supported by an Anonymous donor.

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