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Men's Health Awareness Month

Many people are familiar with the fun campaign “no shave November” where men do not shave for the month of November; however, the significance of the silly slogan is to gain attention for Men’s Health Awareness Month. Men’s mental health is becoming an increasing source of concern, with good reason. Men are less likely to seek support for issues surrounding mental health than women due to social norms, reluctance to communicate symptoms, and the urge to downplay symptoms. (Men’s Health Infographics).

At Mercy Home, our Director of Psychological Services Jeffery Sealy, encourages our male residents to be open with their feelings, to not feel confined by societal norms around communicating their emotions, and to be confident in themselves. The cornerstone of Mercy Home’s psychological services is our Self-Help Support group. In Self-Help, participants discuss their feelings, participate in impactful discussions, and then unwind before returning to their homes. They focus on the cognitive and emotional development of the residents so that each person feels empowered and confident in their ability to communicate, and they work together to ensure healthy and meaningful relationships.

So, as we celebrate the importance of Men’s Health Awareness Month, we would like to leave you with the message our Director of Psychological Services consistently imparts on our male residents: "You are enough and don't ever be afraid to express yourselves." - Jeffery Sealy, MBA/HCM Ph.D. Candidate.

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