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Mercy Home Celebrates Kelly Nagy

Mercy Home is proud to highlight Mercy Home’s Director of Training, Kelly Nagy, during Developmental Disability Acceptance Month.

Kelly is a very important and passionate member of the Mercy Home family and has a deep connection to the work of our organization. When asked why she was so passionate about working in this field she replied:

I have always had a strong sense of justice, so I guess eventually finding a career in this field was almost inevitable! Even before having a daughter diagnosed with autism, I always believed in the people we support. We don't know all of what they know or can do. I tell every class I teach that it is not up to us to tell them no, they cannot do something. It is up to us to guide them along the path and let them decide what they want. We are not caretakers. We are all teachers and supporters. I want people to understand that just because someone is diagnosed with a disability does not mean that they are different from us. I have seen and been a part of so many successes. All any of us need is someone to believe in and encourage us. I will always be that person. I will always challenge thinking that is not in alignment with that”.

We are so grateful to have Kelly on team Mercy Home, with her passion, determination, and kindness, she will continue to be a part of why we are #mercystrong.

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