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Return to Respite - Q&A with Alexis and T

Alexis is the Coordinator of Support Programs at Mercy Home. He's worked with the intellectual and developmental disabilities community for many years. Alexis oversees the Respite, supportive therapeutic programs, as well as manages Day and Community Habilitation. He took a few minutes out of the Respite program to answer the below questions. And then ask T, a Respite participant, a couple of his own.

Q: How has it been having everyone back at Mercy Home for Respite?

A: It's important to note that all of us have been affected by the Pandemic, however, our service participants have been affected most, as people with intellectual disability (ID) are especially vulnerable to the physical, mental, and social effects of the pandemic. However, Since the return of the Mercy Home site-based Respite program, we get to reengage our participants and build upon their social engagements with peers while having them engage in memorable activities that they enjoy. To fully answer this question it has been a fantastic experience being able to bring a sense of normalcy to our service participants. Q: What are the activities that you've planned?

A: All of our participants are provided with an array of activities during Site-Based respite from Horticultural Therapy, Art Therapy, Games, Birthday celebrations, and even our breakout dances to add a little bit of spark and happiness to our participants day. Each week the Site based respite program tries to introduce a new activity for our participants while providing choice to our participants allowing them to choose what they would like to partake in throughout the day. For the month of October, we have had themed Halloween activities that included making decorations and having themed Halloween scavenger hunts. On October 30th, we will be having a Halloween party. It will be great to see our participants dress up and enjoy the day while dancing and engaging in activities.

Q: What is everyone's favorite thing to do? A: This is a hard one, however, it seems that all participants enjoy Art and Horticultural Therapy.

T has been a respite participate at Mercy Home for many years. Here are her responses.

Q: Did you miss Mercy Home?

A: Yes! I was bored being home. I'm so happy to be back.

Q: Are you happy to be back here with your friends?

A: Yes, I miss seeing all my friends and the staff, Period!

Q: What's your favorite thing to do during Respite?

A: I like that I get to be creative. I love to have fun and engage in activities that I enjoy, I love art!

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of Mercy Home's Respite program, please email You can make a difference in T and others lives by supporting Respite, please visit our donation page.

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