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Spring is almost upon us

By Maggie Riche

Spring is almost upon us and our Plant, Grow, Give gardeners are excited to see all the daffodils, crocus, and snowdrops that we planted in the fall finally blooming! In addition to enjoying the pop of color, Plant, Grow, Give has been busily preparing for the growing season at our multiple garden sites. In our residences and respite program, individuals have been selecting which vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers they would like to grow, then starting these seeds under grow lights.

One session at our respite program focused just on salad greens, and many children and their parents got to try kale for the first time!  Currently we have a wide variety of leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers, and onions growing at our main office. We’ve also been learning about how to compost our organic waste- taking food scraps like banana peels and coffee grinds and placing them in our composter with dry leaves and spent plants to create our own organic fertilizer. All in all, we’re excited for an inspiring and productive season ahead of us!

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