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Sunday with Adam* by Ciara 'Cici' Ramirez

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

During my first art therapy session with *Adam, we began by exploring face shapes and proportions. He then created a series of images following the the facial proportions he had just viewed. Initially, he did not include mouths on the faces and after asking him if that was a choice he made or if he would like to include mouths - he later on added mouths. I found this to be very telling as he cannot communicate with language. 

We then began to draw each other and as you can see, I was wearing a very large puffy headband and a striped turtleneck sweater. Overall it was a great first session- very productive. In Adam's work, you will notice his close attention to detail - replicating patterns on clothing and even including a birthmark in my eye that even close friends don't notice. 

I wanted to get a sense of what he was interested in so I showed him photos of a variety of portrait artists. He immediately gravitated to Picasso and Van Gogh.  He would multitask, going back and forth between two images simultaneously. It became very clear that all images he worked with moving forward should be printed on individual pieces of paper, as he took the images in front of him very literal.

Looking ahead, Adam will be introduced to works of art from ancient Egypt to present day, examining how he interprets the art and creates his own take on what he is inspired by. I hope together we can work on expanding his talent through the use of introducing new materials and color. 

As an artist and art therapist, we have the unique opportunity to see the potential in individuals who have a raw talent, encouraging them and aiding in fostering their talent. I hope to accomplish and provide a therapeutic holding environment that is not only safe but challenges Adam as an artist. I believe an artist does not just materialize from traditional academic exposure, but an artist is an individual who not only creates but communicates through imagery in a way that conveys and reveals themselves. Adam is an artist in the truest form of the word and I very much look forward to the conversations to come through the method of artistic expression.

This program is supported by New York Council on the Arts.

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