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Sweet Saturday with Lisa

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

It's early Saturday morning, and I can barely stay asleep. Yesterday my manager said that we'd be going out for a special luncheon today to celebrate the birthdays of my housemates, Carol and Jake. I can hardly wait to go out for that delicious meal.

My name is Lisa, and I live in an apartment building in Williamsburg with my four housemates. This is what my Saturday looks like.

I can't wait to eat lunch at my favorite restaurant, "Sweet Science," which is located right around the corner from my home. Each day when I walk by the restaurant, I smile & wave to the owners, and they wave back. I like that folks in my neighborhood know me and show me, love. It makes me feel safe and unique.

This morning, as usual, I awoke early to take my shower, and have a light breakfast. Because it's Saturday and there's no day program, the staff asked me if I would like to go back and rest. But I can't -  I'm just so excited.

So to try to stay relaxed, I talk to staff about my mother & brother who are deceased and how much I miss them. They tell me about their family members that they miss too. I like conversing with my staff about the past because sometimes I don't remember the present very well.

Staff and I talk about a pretty outfit to wear, and my hair is combed into a ponytail, just like my mom used to wear. I look in the mirror and like seeing my hair grow long like my mother's.

Well, finally the time has come. We're leaving to go to "Sweet Science." Eating there is so cool. I love it. The people are always so nice, and I really enjoy the food.

It's a special occasion - so we get to order whatever we want. So I look at the pictures on the menu and make my decision. Mercy Home staff brought balloons and a big birthday cake for dessert. I was so happy when  Kathy showed up unexpectedly. We took pictures and sang  "Happy Birthday" right there in the restaurant. What a wonderful time I had!

After lunch, my stomach was so full I could hardly walk. I'm glad I live just a short distance away. I feel lucky to live at a Mercy Home residence, and I love everyone here. Boy, I had a great day.

But for now, I think I'll go upstairs and take a short nap. After all, in a few hours, it'll be time for dinner.

I'm Lisa, and that was my day!

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